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To the kitsch, though comfortable surroundings of the Royal Mile's Crowne Plaza underground bar come Nick Cadwell and Steve Jervis, and their evocative jazz/latin guitar stylings. Both have around 20 years of live performance under their belts, and it shows in their highly-skilled, complex style.

Affable, unpretentious and unafraid, for instance, of openly using some old underpants to wipe the sweat from their hyperactive strumming hands. If you're into jazz/blues guitar, or are yearning for a bit of soothing respite from the stress of the High Street, come on down to see Acoustic Graffiti, a pair who are passionate about, and committed to their craft.

Three Weeks rating: 5/5

Acoustic Graffiti - Out of Nowhere

Two blokes, two guitars. A pinch of blues, a soupçon of jazz, a dash of latin spice, sprinkled with crispy bacon bits. Join Acoustic Graffiti on their Fringe debut. No whistling on the way out!

Edinburgh Fringe Programme


"Simply excellent "
JB Jazz & Blues 2011

"Really love your stuff "
Pete Smith, September 2007

"Great sound"
Georgie Fame, November 2005

"Absolutely beautiful"
Christopher Eccleston (Dr. Who), February 2005
You just never know who’s watching!


"Just excellent"
Jake Stigers, October 2007

"Beautiful sound"
Barb Jungr, February 2008 

"Beautifully played”
Jon Gomm, Oct 2010

"That was mega lads, mind if I play a couple with you"
and he did !!)
Damon Gough (Badly Drawn Boy), April 2005

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